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  • The Jamille Broome & Associates Employment Consulting firm was borne out of a passion by the eponymous founder to bring about a more efficient employment climate in the Caribbean, beginning with Trinidad and Tobago. Employment Law is an extremely contentious area of law that can be detrimental to all parties involved if proper procedures aren’t followed. We are here to provide both employers and employees with the requisite tools to improve employment relations, which is beneficial to all. 


    Our Mission:  To be the provider of the most efficient employment services for both employers and employees, in order to foster harmonious employment relationships and to facilitate a fair employment climate.

    Our Vision: To become the premier employment consultancy in the English-speaking Caribbean.


    Our People:

    Dr Jamille Broome – Employment & Labour Law Consultant


    The firm was founded by Jamille Broome in July 2013 after years of dealing with employment law issues in various positions in England, and then returning home after 10 years of living away, to work towards raising employment standards in Trinidad and Tobago. 

    Dr Broome has no interest in private legal practice, so he has worked in other legal and HR positions in different countries. While working for numerous companies throughout the years, he has gained significant international experience that has made him one of the most knowledgeable persons in the field. That knowledge and experience has resulted in him being a Lecturer in law and HR for numerous tertiary institutions. He currently lectures Industrial Relations and law at the University of the West Indies and Cipriani College of Labour & Cooperative Studies. 

    Since being back, Dr Broome has been actively involved in improving employment and labour laws in Trinidad and Tobago and through his doctoral thesis, he has drafted legislation, which he hopes one day will be implemented to better improve the employer-employee relationship for the benefit of both the workforce and businesses.


    Certified Mediator - Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago

    LL.D./Doctorate (South Africa) - Labour Law

    LL.M./Master's (UK) - Employment Law

    PgDL (UK) - Postgraduate Diploma in Law (LL.B. conversion)

    B.A. (Hons.) (USA/UK) - International Business Administration



    Brent Hallpike - Barrister/Senior Attorney-at-Law



    Certified Mediator - Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago

    B.V.C. -  Bar Vocational Course

    PgDLPostgraduate Diploma in Law

    B.Sc. - Hospitality Management



    Laura Bailey - Attorney-at-Law





    Jamille Broome & Associates Employment Consulting is a registered Partnership in Trinidad and Tobago.